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We Help You Self Publish

Have you ever had the disappointment of being rejected by a publisher? Your beloved manuscript in which you have dedicated so much time and effort in. Do not despair. All is not lost. We can help you with getting published!

Pro's of Self Publishing

  • √ Higher royalty rates
  • √ A hand-picked publishing team
  • √ No deadline stress
  • √ A quicker publishing process
  • √ More frequent pay days
  • √ No rejection
  • √ Maintaining your rights
  • √ Greater opportunities for niche publishing

Con's of Self Publishing

  • √ Upfront costs
  • Finding a reputable publishing team
  • Potential financial loss
  • Self-publishing stigma
  • No agent support
  • Book marketing
  • Operating as a business
  • Wading through a sea of fiction


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