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  • I am a web developer and I have made it a point to assist potential authors to get their manuscripts published. It is disheartening when you get the news that your hard work has been rejected by the big-name publisher for one reason or another but thankfully, resources abound for you to get your work published. This is known as Self Publishing. Unlike the traditional publishers, you will have some upfront minor hurdles to overcome. Up-front costs such as paying for an editor to format your book, a graphic designer to design the front and back cover. Marketing - you will be responsible for marketing your work. Finding a reputable publishing team - we have that covered.  Potential financial loss - after the initial financial output and you do not recoup expenses due to poor sales. We are here to assist you to make your literary dream come true, and look forward to working with you.  
    image Ime Udombang Web Developer, Publisher
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